Thursday, June 7, 2007

How much you flirt??

Question 1.

Late at night, you are partying with a friend of the opposite sex. If you don't leave now, you would miss the last bus. What would you do?

a. Who cares...continue to party -- Go To Question 2

b. Ask if he would send you home -- Go To Question 3

c. Say "Good-Bye" to him and run after the bus -- Go To Question 4

Question 2.

While having a meal with a friend, you saw that what he/she had ordered seemed quite delicious. Would you ask to have a taste of his/her food?

a. Yes --- Go to Question 5

b. No --- Go to Question 5

Question 3.

You saw something nice while shopping but you don't have the means to buy it. Would you...

a. Shrug your shoulders and forget it. --- Go to Question 7

b. Go ahead and flash your credit card --- Go to Question 6

Question 4.

You have a job offer that is paying better than your present job. You would...


It’s a good offer. Type your resignation letter now

--- Go to Question 8.


The present boss is treating you well. Stay cause of loyalty!

--- Go to Question 7.

Question 5.

Your views on school regulations are...

a. Would never compromise to them. --- Go To Question 9.

b. See it there is loopholes and try to get thru them.

--- Go to Question 10.

c. Would definitely keep to them! --- Go To Question 12.

Question 6.

A person from the opposite sex expresses his/her love for you would...

a. Smile and think highly of your charms --- Go to Question 9.

b. Reject him/her and keep a distance --- Go To Question 10.

c. Run off without even answering! --- Go To Question 12.

Question 7.

You are in your boyfriend/girlfriend's bedroom and you saw a photo of him/her with his/her old flame. You would...

a. See and forget because it’s all in the past. --- Go to Question 10.

b. Get real mad and leave the room. --- Go to Question 11.

Question 8.

Would you rewrite a lecture note again because your handwriting is untidy?

a. Yes --- Go To Question 12.

b. No --- Go To Question 11.

Question 9.

When wearing a pair of mini skirts/ shorts, what would u choose as the top?

a. A tight fitting tee --- Go to Question 13.

b. A loose fitting tee --- Go to Question 14.

Question 10.

On a tour, the tour guide specifically tells you not to venture to a certain area because it’s dangerous. Would you out of curiosity, go ahead without listening to him?

a. Yes --- go to Question 13.

b. No --- go to Question 14.

Question 11.

When out with a friend of the same sex, would you hold hands and walk?

a. Yes ---- Go to Question 15.

b. No ---- Go to Question 16.

Question 12.

Wearing a newly bought swimsuit, would you feel especially eye-catching' and 'sharp' when walking by the pool?


Yes --- go to Question 14.

b. No --- go to Question 16.

Question 13.

Are you the impulsive type? Always acting on the instant you get the idea without thinking carefully.

a. Yes ---- Type A

b. No ---- Go to Question 14.

Question 14.

Do you still maintain friendship with your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend?

a. Yes ---- Type B

b. No ----- Go to Question 15.

Question 15.

Every time you pack for a tour, you would always end up packing more than what you need?

a. Yes ---- go to Question 16.

b. No --- Type C

Question 16.

Do you mind sharing the same cup with others?

a. Yes --- Type D

b. No ---- Type C



TYPE A --- 90% FLIRT

You fall in love easily most of the time getting trapped in a triangular relationship. Adding to the fact that you do not commit to your partner, you enjoy having suitors. To put it simply, YOU ARE FAR FROM FAITHFUL.

TYPE B --- 70% FLIRT

You are partially flirtatious by nature. You enjoy being pampered and pursued by others so occasionally you would harbor the thoughts of 'stepping on 2 boats'. you are sensitive to your partner, you do try to restrain yourself.

TYPE C --- 40% FLIRT

You are shy by nature and have only a small circle of friends. This attributes to the fact that you would not have a high chance of getting trapped in a triangular relationship.


You have high morality and it’s against infidelity. Whoever is with you is the most fortunate but pray that your partner does not belong to any of the above group!

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