Saturday, December 18, 2010

20 Most Amazing Microscope Shots Pictures

01 – A wood or heathland Ant, Formica fusca, holding a microchip

02 – The surface of an Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory silicon microchip

03 – Eyelash hairs growing from the surface of human skin

04 – The surface of a strawberry

05 – Bacteria on the surface of a human tongue

06 – Human sperm (spermatozoa), the male sex cells

07 – The nylon hooks and loops of velcro

08 – Household dust which includes long hairs such as cat fur, twisted synthetic and woolen fibers, serrated insect scales, a pollen grain, plant and insect remains

09 -The weave of a nylon stocking

10 – The end of the tongue (proboscis) of a hummingbird hawkmoth

11 – The head of a mosquito

12 – A human head louse clinging to a hair

13 – The eight eyes (two groups of four) on the head of a Mexican red-kneed tarantula

14 – Cut hairs and shaving foam between two razor blades

15 – Cigarette paper

16 – The corroded surface of a rusty metal nail

17 – The head of a Romanesco cauliflower

18 – The fungus Aspergillus fumigatus

19 – Mushrooms spores

20 – A clutch of unidentified butterfly eggs on a raspberry plant


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